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Total U Health And Wellness Center.com We are Maintenance for the Sexes:  Body, Mind & Spirit & Financial too!

FEATURING: BEMER Magnetic Mat Therapy = Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation.  Celebrating 20 years overseas, 10 years strong in the USA, used in over 4K hospitals with 5 World Patents!

Top Athletes & Celebrities alike call BEMER their “Secret Weapon” &/or “Their Fountain of Youth” because BEMER circulates the blood up to 27% faster, without stress to the heart or joints – giving your body more oxygen to self-correct itself, the way God intended.  So, in an 8-minute to 16-minute, fully-dressed session, your body receives the benefits of a 5-mile run!

Dr. Oz has done a show on Pulsed Electric Magnetic Frequency, saying that PEMF is the wave of the future of medicine – no pun intended…  ELECTROCEUTICALS, *NOT* PHARMAceuticals, which has led to this opioid epidemic, because BEMER has been known to alleviate muscular-skeletal discomforts & joint pops due to old age, sports injuries, car accidents, post trauma or surgeries.

BEMER is ok to use with metal in the body, has very few contraindications & has never had any side effects.  There’s a doctor hotline that we can call, if we have a question about setting protocol, even though I personally have been to two of their 2-Day Gold Seal Academies, and I get continual training as it becomes available, because the field of electroceuticles is growing by leaps & bounds.

NASA is putting BEMER in their spacesuits to combat muscle atrophy, depression & fatigue for the astronauts!

Even though you might know me as a photographer, videographer & make-up artist since 1981, for the City of Bridgeport & The Town of Easton or maybe even a bartender & event planner – a girl has to keep a roof over her head ya know!

www.DiahannPhillips.com.  I’ve been a Certified Aesthetician, Acupressurist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist & Make-up Artist since 1993.  Recently, I’ve earned my Behavioral Scientist Certificate and I’m going for my Human Services Degree.  Body, Mind & Spirit is who I am & what I do.  Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a doctor, I don’t play one on TV, hahaha.  BEMER is no substitute for medicine or doctors’ orders, we don’t diagnose, treat or cure any disease… BUT… EXTRA OXYGEN has been known to help alleviate MANY ailments A-Z!!!

Total U Health & Wellness Center will be offering Aesthetician Services:  Facials, Waxing & Aromatherapy Body Care Paraffin Wraps, Salt Scrubs, Nutrition consults,  Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and Hydrotherapy Whirlpool.

Joseph Rosina, a veteran, is a Reiki Master & Energy Worker, see his bio – who I like to call “A HUMAN BEMER!”

Tom Dorney, a highly respected veteran,  see his bio – will be offering veterans & 1st Responders referral services.

The “FOR WHAT MOVEMENT” is a non-profit that is against violence in the inner-city.

A staffing agency, a printer, a notary, an event planner and seminars galore!  

There will ALWAYS be something happening in our space – so please sign up to our newsletter!!!

God bless – TOTAL U Health & Wellness Center because you are wonderfully & beautifully made!  2019 will be the best year yet!!!


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TOTAL U Health & Wellness Center because you are wonderfully & beautifully made!
We are Maintenance for the Sexes: Body, Mind & Spirit & Financial too!

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